FDA Approves AliveCor Personal ECG Monitor for Apple Watch

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a wrist-worn version of the groundbreaking KardiaMobile from AliveCor, the company has announced. It's the next step in AliveCor's bid to do for the Apple Watch what it did for the iPhone: turn it into a single-channel ECG monitor.

The new AliveCor product, KardiaBand, is a wristband for the Apple Watch equipped with a sensor the user presses with a thumb. Via the company's Kardia mobile app, the ECG and heart rate are soon displayed on the watch's screen.

"This is a paradigm shift for cardiac care as well as an important advance in healthcare," Dr Ronald P Karlsberg (David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles) is quoted as saying in the company announcement. "With an [ECG] device on the wrist, afib can be detected wherever the patient is, 24 hours a day." Users must subscribe to a $99/year service to use the KardiaBand system, the company notes in its announcement. That allows the user to email ECG recordings, among other things.

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