Handbook of Contrast Echocardiography

LV Function and Myocardial Perfusion

Ultrasound contrast agents are rapidly becoming an integral part of echocardiography, the most widely used technique to image the heart.
Its demonstrated ability to provide the first images of perfusion in the myocardium have elicited widespread interest in the cardiology community.
This has been accompanied by rapid development of the agents and specialised imaging methods for their detection.
In spite of this, there exist no sources of reference for the practical use of contrast agents in the echocardiography laboratory.
This book is the result of the authors' combined experience in both research into the agents and their associated imaging techniques, and of clinical application of contrast echocardiography in patients over a period of ten years.
Its aim is to provide for the clinical echocardiographer a complete guide and reference for performing and interpreting a contrast echo study. The copious illustrations accompanying the text are supplemented by the generous contributions of more than twenty five worldwide authorities who have provided cases which convincingly demonstrate the general applicability of this new technology. It is available in both printed and electronic formats from this site:



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