Pleural flap to prevent lobar torsion: a novel technique

Lobar torsion is reported as very rare but sometimes catastrophic complication if overlooked during the early postoperative period following a lobectomy, though it is totally preventable. In this novel technique, a piece of parietal pleural flap is harvested from the posterior wall of the chest using a hook diathermy while keeping its upper border as close to the apex as possible. Finally, distal end of the flap is secured to the upper edge of the lobe using a fine monofilament absorbable suture. This procedure not only protects the lobe from rotation but also maintains continuous expansion of the lung in the early postoperative period and may, therefore, be a good option to prevent such a serious complication in selected patients following a lobectomy.
Keywords: Lobectomy; Lobar torsion; Patient safety; Perioperative care; Postoperative complications
Corresponding author. Address: Hakki Yeten Cad. 17/12, Şişli 80200, Istanbul, Turkey. Tel.: +90 212 296 1680; fax: +90 212 247 4122.


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