New impotence treatment

Medical Europe started a new adventure.
Although not in the erectile dysfunction field, we decided to give this new product a chance.
Due to vascular problems, a lot of men are suffering of ED, which is a sad situation according to themselves.
An estimated 40% of men in the age above 40 face this problem.
Younger men also, 25% of the men between 25-40 years of age.
The only "convienient"solution at the moment is Viagra and other medication in the same range.
But they have side effects and work for a few hours.
This new product is a solution for longer time, maybe for years.
Clinical reseach has been done and show 61.1% increase of erection.
The problem could be, that a lot of doctors reject this solution because , in their point of view, this is an alternative solution.
Medical Europe does not agree with this attitude.
The only important reason for using this product is; will it cure ED. and it does!
not only ED, but also libido-loss, both in men and women.
So, what is important? help people? or reject this solution anyhow.
For Medical Europe only 1 thing is important; Potency works!
Have a look for further information:


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