Medical Europe 2004 review

2004 has been a turbulent year for Medical Europe.
Only a short time “on the road”, starting from scratch, but with vast network throughout Europe and a lot of experience in the European Medical community.
It is a challenge to build a consultancy business in the medical market and it is very important to distinguish yourself among the other players in a respectful way.
But it seems that we do what we are good at.
Along the way it became clear that Medical Europe, as far as we know, is the only medical business consultancy company offering a complete package sales and marketing, covering all Europe.
The extensive network in Europe turns out to be of great value for business partners and a big advantage when you want to deliver good work in a short time.
Also the choice in services, the build up module model, creates flexible and tailor made solutions.
What did we do?

-USA Company need a pre-marketing survey, to decide whether it make sense to launch a new product in the EU. We did the research and wrote a business development report.
-USA Company noticed a decrease in sales in certain areas. They work with distributors and manage this network from the distance. Medical Europe communicated with both parties, explained the differences in cultures and offers solutions. The sales have been increasing since then.
-Indian company wanted more information about European Union regulations.
-Dutch company was looking for investors
-Turkish company was looking for distributors
-Korean company wants to introduce a new product and is in need of technical and business support.

We enjoy our work, have fun and our natural attitude of “ lightness in the dark”.
There are no problems, only opportunities.
Acquisition is the hard part for a start-up company, we spend a lot of time in finding customers, building trust.
A lot of reading and research need to be done too and what about strategic thinking?
2004 was a great year.
2005 will be a great year!


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